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ITIL overview300I(TIL) Consultancy

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, abbreviated ITIL, has been developed as a reference framework for organizing the management processes within an ICT organization. ITIL is not a method or a model, but rather a series of best practices (the best practical solutions) and concepts. The result of process implementation using ITIL is comparable to the ISO 9000 regulation in the non-ICT sector, in which all parts of the organization are described and in a certain hierarchy in terms of competence / responsibility are arranged.

Willem Brinkman is an I(TIL) Consultant

You are convinced that your organization benefits from process-based work, but how should you approach it? Where are you now? Where should it go? What are the pitfalls? All questions that you as a director want answers to before you make the decision to continue. Willem organizes the I (information need) aspect using the ITIL processes.

He is your ITSM Consultant

IT Service Management (abbreviated ITSM) is the challenge of the moment! How do you organize processes, people and products into one effective Service organization? Discussing the challenges you face. That is interesting. Just exchange the thoughts and make the link between your business and how it can be supported from a different perspective. Willem listens, asks questions, analyzes and gives back. Looks from a different perspective. What are your objectives, what do you want to achieve and when? He gives you his analysis and look at the whole. Do you like it and do you add what you are looking for? Then we continue together!

He is your Quarterman and / or Change Manager

Willem knows that every 'strange duck' in your organization causes unrest. Because of his communicatively strong, open personality, he quickly establishes new contacts that naturally create his network. With his enthusiastic and positive attitude he knows how to inspire people, creating support for a joint goal. In this role he knows how to get information in this way that otherwise does not come to the table.

He is your I(TIL) Process Manager

Willem's specialty is a large number of ITIL processes. In addition to the well-known Incident and Change Management processes, his spearhead is the organization and implementation of Event Management in combination with Asset & Configuration Management and Service Level Management. Freely translated: what are we contractually obliged to deliver to our customers, how have we organized this, how is our steering mechanism, what do we do as a management or control organization ourselves, how is it supported by external parties and how do we check / report this to our customers back? His passion for perfection unites practice and theory! With a set of standard I(TIL) processes and a data model, tailored to your organization, he reveals what disrupts your business processes, so that you can start deploying the transition to improvement and change (Issue Management). From I (TIL) processes to process descriptions to working method and tooling. He knows all facets and acts on various levels.

He is your Project Manager

Willem sees every assignment as a project. For example, he has successfully designed and implemented I(TIL) processes for years with the aim of making the Service (ITSM) more reliable and predictable. He also participates in implementation processes of, for example, management tools (HP ServiceDesk, TOPdesk, Servasure, etc.). He likes to apply Scrum / Agile with Kanban boards to your management organization in order to have internal assignments planned, controlled and completed within set times. He is a project-based process manager or process-based project manager.

Contact or in conversation?

Interested in getting to know more? Please contact me!
Willem Brinkman I +31 (0)6-14375559 I This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I www.theservicefactory.nl


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